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7 Reasons to work with Paul

#1 Paul is an Outstanding Speaker

Paul has given hundreds of talks since he was sixteen, and delivers presentations to any size or type of audience on a very wide range of topics that include leadership, employee engagement, personal development, change management, mindfulness and happiness. He has spoken to many thousands of people at corporate events, conferences in the private and public sector, associations and academic lectures. In the last 18 months Paul has spoken at many corporate events including Capita, Cisco, EY, Atos, Evander, Birmingham Council, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, South Oxford Council, Derby Fire & Rescue and the University of Derby. He also spoke to over 300 local authority chief executives, 200 HR managers, 100 Travel Industry Chief Executives and to over 150 senior health finance executives at their annual conferences. You can see more about his speaking and testimonials here

Paul also spoke at the TEDx conference in March 2016 which you can see below.

roger-3“Paul is an outstanding speaker who combines a wide range of proven skills as a best selling author, successful entrepreneur,academic and top coach to deliver highly motivating, stimulating and innovative presentations on personal and professional development.”

Roger Black MBE

European, Commonwealth and World Championship gold medalist and Olympic silver medalist

#2 Paul is a Leading Expert on Professional and Personal Growth

Paul is one of the leading experts in the UK on Professional and Personal Growth. For over 30 years he has trained over 10,000 people across the world how to feel and perform at their best.

He is Managing Director, co-founder and co-owner of iPerform Systems which is possibly the most comprehensive personal development resource currently available. He presents on 170 videos covering an extensive range of cutting edge skills for professional and personal development from resilience, motivation and assertiveness to mindfulness, work-life balance and gratitude. iPerform Paul wrote over 110,000 words for the programme and it was shortlisted for the best use of mobile learning Award in 2015.

Paul is also an expert on the psychology of retirement and worked with iPerform and Capita to produce a unique series of videos on preparing emotionally and socially for retirement.

“Paul presented and spoke at our leadership conference in December 2014.

Paul’s combination of business experience, intelligence and people engagement skills make him a great presenter, speaker and an authority on his subject matter.

Paul is an accomplished, humble and extremely clever chap whom I would recommend to partake in any business symposium or conference.”

Richard Stokes

Head of Performance Development, Capita Employee Benefits

#3 Paul is a Best Selling Author

Paul has written three books. His new book The Wisdom of Groundhog Day, was published by Hodder & Stoughton in January 2016 and became a Sunday Times Bestseller and #1 in the Self Help category on Amazon. Paul was a guest on the Radio 2 Chris Evans show, and featured in the Daily Telegraph, The Observer, Daily Mail and Express. The book needed a reprint within a week of publication! HIs previous books were Take Charge of your Mind (with John Selby) in 2006, and The Magic of Groundhog Day (published in 2008) which was converted into an audio program by Nightingale Conant, one of the world’s leading suppliers of personal development products. The set includes the DVD of the movie.

“I spend every day on my radio show talking with the nation’s leading politicians, journalists, writers and intellectuals and I have to tell you that Paul is truly one of the finest minds of our time, and his work is among the most important going…..

I have known Paul for over fifteen years and I can tell you that when you work with him you will not only get the full benefit of his remarkable range of experience and talents but you will also get his passion and commitment that will transform your business”

Thom Hartmann

The #1 progressive radio show host in the US and NY Times Bestselling author

#4 Paul is a Thought Leader

Paul speaks with the authority and credibility of being a former Fellow at Oxford University, and having taught thousands of people over thirty years. At Oxford, he was an Adjunct Fellow at Linacre College, lecturing on a range of subjects including leadership and organisational behaviour. Paul is also a Fellow of the RSA and, since his MA work on the psychology of decision making in the early 1980s, he has built  up a unique knowledge of the science and best practices behind success, happiness, and fulfilment at work and at home.

#5 Paul is a Very Successful Entrepreneur

Unlike many speakers, Paul has practised what he preaches. At the age of 28 he founded and built his own training and recruitment business to £30 million annual sales. As a leader, he has used the many strategies and skills that he now teaches and is currently Managing Director of the leading personal development business, iPerform Systems.

#6 Paul has Coached and Trained Thousands of People

Paul has coached and trained thousands of employees in both Europe and North America. His many clients have included HSBC, BT, BA, Fidelity, Express Newspapers BUPA, Capita, Cisco and EY. He has led hundreds of workshops on personal development, leadership, change management, communication and emotional intelligence.

#7 Paul Delivers Lasting Results

Paul will work with you to develop a powerful, relevant and impactful event that will deliver lasting results. He always provides specific practices and actions that attendees can use to improve their performance and feel more engaged than ever before.

As a highly credible expert and top performer himself, Paul speaks from direct experience and will inspire your people to want to achieve their full potential. His mission is to provide the best practices to help you feel and perform at your best every day.

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Presentation Topics

Paul provides presentations or workshops on the following topics




Motivation and High Performance




Personal and Professional Change


Employee Engagement


Personal Development


Stress Reduction and Mindfulness


Happiness and Positive Psychology


Preparing for a Happy Retirement

He also provides a unique and engaging workshop based around his book The Wisdom of Groundhog Day where he helps people become happier and more successful, one day at a time. This workshop includes practices from psychology, behavioural change and neuroscience that help attendees develop powerful new habits and make breakthroughs in their lives. For more information contact Paul here

Executive Coaching

Paul is available to take on a limited number of individual clients each year. His unique experience as a coach, academic, author and entrepreneur make him ideal for coaching senior executives and entrepreneurs. His coaching focuses on helping clients make significant changes in their lives, and achieving their full potential for success, happiness and fulfilment. For more information contact Paul here


Paul is Managing Director of iPerform. With his partners, Steve Backley and Roger Black, Paul has created a unique App for personal and professional development that integrates best practices in performance and sports psychology. Users get access to daily 5 minute videos that give them the skills that all organisations want including resilience, emotional intelligence, influence, flexibility, a growth mindset and much, much more

iPerform can be integrated into Paul’s presentations and is a powerful tool to help attendees transform their performance.

To learn more about iPerform visit the page here