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The Performance Tool That Unlocks The Potential Of Your Talent

The Essential Skills Your Organisation Needs

iPerform is an online e-learning programme that provides the essential skills, habits and mindset your employees essential skills you urgently want and need like resilience, leadership, agility, teamwork, empathy, productivity, and much more. They will learn 28 key skills that we know you want from extensive research. Each one is based on best practice from the leading business schools, leadership programmes and universities

A One Stop Resource

iPerform is your One Stop Resource for the strategies, skills and tools your employees need to feel and perform at their best. It’s the ultimate programme for High Performance and performance support tool that they have 24/7! Your employees have access to over 140 videos, articles, worksheets, tools and extensive reading resources whenever and wherever they need.

Enhances Your Current Programmes

iPerform has been designed to enhance your current initiatives such as leadership and talent development; performance improvement; employee engagement , graduate trainees and onboarding. We can help you integrate iPerform into your training and coaching to boost results.

Mastery Through Practice

Sportspeople have to practice hard to achieve mastery, and so do top performers at work. iPerform® is like a Mental Gym where users build their capacity for sustained high performance. Every day your employees can strengthen their emotional and cognitive intelligence, become more flexible and build their resilience, creativity, assertiveness and self awareness “muscles”. iPerform embeds and sustains new positive behaviours into daily performance.

The Cost Effective Solution

Organisations spend many thousands of pounds recruiting each employee, and many more thousands when they have to replace them. iPerform is a highly cost effective solution to engage and develop your talent, so that they stay with you and achieve their full potential. For a fraction of your recruitment and replacement costs, you can provide your employees with the ultimate personal development and engagement programme. Users do not need to take time away from their desk and can even upgrade their skills at home or while commuting.

Discover how iPerform can unlock the potential of your Employees – Call us on 01483 399001 OR

What you’ll get:

Access to 170 Videos
170 Audio Files
50 Practice Worksheets
Permanent use of all videos across your organisation

Course Details:

Type: Video Based
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Setting: Online
Course Length: 14 Hours

What is iPerform?

iPerform® is for organisations that want to:

  • Give their employees essential soft skills to unlock their full potential and achieve sustained competitive advantage.
  • Enhance current leadership and other training initiatives with continuous coaching that converts knowledge into action, and skills into habits for sustained high performance.
  • Boost employee engagement leading to higher productivity, retention and cost savings
  • Deliver the tools and strategies employees need to feel and perform at their best. to help them feel more positive, reduce stress and achieve work-life balance

Discover why Leading organisations like Cisco, Capita, EY and Deloitte use iPerform, as well as many others of all sizes, in both the private and public sectors including Birmingham City Council & the University of Derby.

Discover how iPerform can unlock the potential of your Employees – Call us on 01483 399001 OR

Upgrade the Skills of your Employees Today

The 28 Essential Skills
Your Employees will learn

Commit to Improve

In the first level of iPerform we motivate your employees to improve their performance, and commit to their professional and personal development. Nobody can afford to stand still anymore or they risk being left behind in a constantly changing and dynamic world. We focus on helping your people shift from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset, and lay the foundations for continuous learning and sustained high performance.

Motivate Yourself

The most successful people are able to tap into their own “intrinsic motivation”, their inner drive and passion that does not need anything or anyone else to push them forward. In level 2 we help your employees find their own intrinsic motivation, and give them strategies and practices to be more inspired and engaged from the world of sports and business.

Set Compelling Goals

In this level, your employees will learn how to set compelling goals like top athletes and performers in all areas of life. They will get the tools and practices to help them set their own powerful goals using inspiring stories from Sport combined with cutting edge strategies used by high achievers. The practices will help your people become more effective goal setters, and more likely to achieve their goals too!

Know Yourself

If you want your employees to achieve genuine and long lasting improvements, then they will need to become more self aware. All change begins with self-awareness. In this level we help employees know themselves better, and to identify and change their habits. We also introduce the practice of mindfulness which is being taught at large organisations around the world to help employees flourish.

Align your Values

Knowing and aligning your values is critical to boosting engagement and productivity. Values act as a compass. They give your people direction to help make better choices and deal better with challenges and dilemmas. In this practice we focus on discovering personal values, and show how they can help improve performance. When you find your “Why”, your deeper reason for what you do, you are able to tap into a much deeper source of energy and power that can prove transformative.

Take the Initiative

All organisations want proactive employees. In this series of videos, we train your employees on how to take the initiative. We help them take personal responsibility for their performance, and stop blaming circumstances and other people. In this practice, we provide some powerful strategies including “cognitive shifting” that will help your employees be more proactive and then improve their results. They will learn how to lead themselves, which will also make them better leaders of others too.

Pay Attention

In this practice we help your employees become more focused, and apply their attention to the right tasks at the right time. They will learn how to focus like a top performer, and also be more relaxed and calm under pressure. So, in this practice, we will help your people achieve better concentration and calm – what we call “relaxed alertness”. Applying the latest research from neuroscience, we will help them achieve this peak state so they are able to perform at a higher level – and feel great too!

Boost your EQ

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important attributes of top performers in sports and at work. In many ways, it is better to have a high EQ than IQ to be successful in organisations, yet very few people are ever trained in this vital skill. So, in this practice, we focus on helping your employees understand their own emotions better. This will help them in their own performance, and also help them understand other people’s emotions better too. They will also learn techniques for lifting their mood and becoming more emotionally intelligent, or what is known as “raising your EQ”. This will make them more effective performers and also better communicators.

Be more Productive

Every organisation needs their people to be more productive. This means working smarter not just harder. In this practice, we provide powerful strategies for working smarter, managing time more effectively and becoming more productive. This will have a direct, measurable and positive impact on your people’s performance and results irrespective of what they do. High achievers get more done than average performers in the same amount of time, and we will explain how.

Choose Well

Your employees are where they are in terms of their current performance largely because of the choices they made. Their level of success, fulfilment and well-being are based on the sum of thousands of choices going back through their careers to college and school. They cannot change these choices. They are in the past. But they can change their future by making different and maybe better decisions. In this level, your people will learn how to understand their own decision making process and style, and discover great strategies and techniques for making better decisions that will benefit every area of their life – and benefit your organisation too!

Be Yourself

Great leaders are authentic and so are all great employees. Authenticity is a feeling and it is also a skill that organisations want and need to retain and develop their Talent. In this series of videos and resources, your people will learn how to be more authentic, and learn some great new skills for their professional and personal growth. We play many roles in our life – manager, colleague, partner, parent and friend. Work roles often limit people as they feel they are projecting an image that is in conflict with who they really are. Now, a number of studies and extensive anecdotal evidence are demonstrating that this is a problem, and that there are great benefits to being more authentic. Everyone feels and performs better when they are “being themselves”, and other people respond better too. Authenticity is a vital soft skill that everyone benefits from.

Toughen Up

All organisations want resilient employees, and in this series of videos your people will learn how to be much more resilient, like top sportspeople and top performers in all walks of life. Resilience is a skill and everyone can learn how to handle the inevitable challenges of life better than average performers. Your people will learn powerful practices for handling challenges, dealing with rejection and bouncing back from adversity. When they practice being more resilient, they will become mentally tougher and take a massive step on their journey to high performance.

Create an Inspiring Vision

Organisations need a vision and so do employees. Top performers have an inspiring vision of where they want to get to, whether it be winning an Olympic medal or building a successful business. Their vision guides and motivates them to stay on track through the good and the bad times. In this level, we will help your employees create their own inspiring vision. By the end of the level they will have a much clearer picture of where they want to be in the future, that excites and inspires them to push themselves to achieve their full potential.

Savour the Moment

All organisations want engaged employees as they perform better and stay longer. In the iPerform program, we want to help you increase the levels of employee engagement in your organisation, and also introduce you to the most innovative research and practices in performance improvement. One of these practices is Gratitude. There is now evidence that practising gratitude leads to greater optimism, well-being and engagement – all critical to sustained high performance! We want to help your people be more grateful and savour each moment of their lives at work and at home. So, in this level we focus on helping them to be happy with what they have, while striving for what they want and your organisation wants. This is an inspiring principle to live and work by.

Use your Imagination

Creativity is one of the most sought after skills in the workplace, as every organisation needs to innovate in order to survive and flourish. Fortunately, creativity is not just a natural trait – it is a skill that can be taught. We are all creative and we just need to learn how to develop and apply this invaluable ability. In this practice we will help your people think of new ways to improve, to reinvent their own approach to work, their skills and their mind-set. Ultimately, they will learn to re-invent themselves so they can achieve their full potential!

Face Facts

If you want to help your employees improve their performance, they need to start by facing facts and having an accurate perception of reality. This means accepting where they are in terms of current performance, skills, behaviour, what is working and not working. Many people find this hard and struggle on in denial or distraction, avoiding the facts of their situation. This practice will help your people accept where they really are today so they have an accurate, solid base for achieving the changes that they, and you, want.

Look on the Bright Side

In recent years, there has been an exciting and significant shift towards studies of happiness and well-being in the workplace, and this is critical to the field of employee engagement and performance improvement. We are now discovering that rather than being the reward for success, happiness is actually the cause. In this practice your people will learn how to be more positive, optimistic and happier at work. Then they can truly “have it all” – be successful, positive and happy whatever work they do, whatever position they are in, and whatever challenges they face. That is the promise of the new field of Positive Psychology, and these inspiring practices deliver the skills and practices.

Assert Yourself

High achievers are more assertive than low achievers. Being assertive means being self-confident and self-assured – it is not about winning all the time, or being dominant, aggressive and confrontational. It is more about speaking your mind and being clear about what you want – rather than acting out of fear, needing approval or trying to please everyone. In this practice we are going to focus on helping your employees become more assertive. When they act assertively they overcome any fears and anxieties that may limit them. They become better negotiators, better leaders and take their overall performance to a higher level.

See the Big Picture

In this practice, we help your people see the big picture, think more holistically and be more strategic. Top performers are more strategic. They move clearly and directly towards the achievement of their goals, and are not diverted by short-term distractions and opportunities. Most people tend to have a narrow focus and cannot “see the forest for the trees”. They fixate on immediate, short-term problems and shut themselves off from new possibilities. By the end of this series of videos and resources, your people will be better at thinking and acting strategically rather than tactically. They will recognise underlying patterns and make more connections in every aspect of their work.

Develop Positive Beliefs

The beliefs that your employees hold about themselves, their colleagues and your organisation will largely determine the quality of their performance, results and long-term success. Yet, for the most part they will be unaware of their own beliefs, where they come from or whether they help or hinder them. So, in this practice, we cover one of the most important practices of the whole programme, the power of beliefs. We will help your people discover their own attitudes and then develop more positive beliefs that will lead to more success and fulfilment at work and in all areas of life.

Influence Others

Successful employees tend to have excellent influence skills, and can persuade other people to support them in the achievement of their goals. Your people need strong interpersonal skills if they want to achieve long-term performance improvement. In this practice, they will learn how to become expert influencers and motivators. This may be the most important quality of effective leaders and will definitely help them be more influential both within your organisation and with customers.

Solve Problems

Everyone has to deal with problems. The difference between top and average performers is not the number or type of problems they face, but it is in the way they deal with them. Top performers are just more skilful at solving problems. In this practice we will help your employees become better problem-solvers. They will learn new skills and techniques and, even more importantly, learn how to reframe problems so that they start to welcome and embrace them as great learning opportunities, rather than as negative events to be avoided at all costs. This shift in mindset can have a profound and very positive impact on performance.

Embrace Change

All organisations are changing more than ever and they need their employees to not just deal with change but to embrace it. Successful people flourish during periods of change and this is a priceless skill as Change is Permanent. Whatever your organisation, market or country, you will need to confront far more change in the future than you have in the past. Every employee, every Executive, every Entrepreneur is being forced to Change as the Economy is going through its biggest transformation in many generations. Everyone has to learn how to adapt or be left behind. This practice is about how to embrace and be successful at managing change. Your people will learn how to handle change effectively in the workplace, how to handle change when it is happening to them; and also learn strategies to bring about change in their own performance that will help them achieve their goals.

Build Effective Relationships

All organisations need people who are good at building and managing relationships, both as leaders and team players. Some people are naturally better at this but all of us can learn to improve our relationship skills. In this level, your employees will learn powerful new relationship skills and, more than this, they will learn a new mind-set. Underlying this practice is the principle of putting other people first. So much of what we do at work is based on self-interest. How can we improve our performance, how can we advance our career, how can we get what we want? This is fine, but developing strong relationships means paying attention to what other people want. It means thinking less about what you want, and more about what they want. And it means understanding that they have their own needs, preferences and goals. Then your people can build effective relationships that will transform their performance and their colleagues too!

Be Entrepreneurial

More and more organisations want their people to think and act entrepreneurially. They want to unlock the energy, creativity and drive that all their employees have. They want them to embrace change, risk, adventure, creativity and growth.This practice is based on a radical idea – that all executives, managers and employees should be taught entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship means taking responsibility for your career and your life. It means that there is no safety net any more. Nobody can depend on anyone or anything for job security. Like a business owner, your employees have to be able to justify themselves. They have to ensure that they are adding value to your organisation today, tomorrow and for every day in the future. This is an empowering identity that can transform your people – and they do not have to own their own business to experience and benefit from it. In this practice, they will learn why it is so important and how to apply the entrepreneurial skill and mindset to their own work.

Find the Right Balance

Effective employees over the long-term are able to find the right balance in their life. They balance work and play, practice and rest, learning and taking action and much more. If you want your people to achieve sustained high performance and engagement, they will need to achieve balance too. This is often called work-life balance, and we do not see such a big distinction between work and home. All our practices are as relevant in our personal life as they are at work. Skills such as Decision Making, Resilience, Optimism, Self-Awareness, Problem-Solving are essential in everything that we do. We want to help your employees achieve balance in everything that they do. This practice will help employees be more balanced so that they are more positive, rational, calm and effective. They will perform at a higher level and improve the quality of their life.

Improve Every Day

One of the most important yet little know attributes of top performers is their total commitment to improving their performance day by day. They do whatever it takes to get that extra edge, however small, to stay ahead. If you want your employees to achieve their full potential, you will need to help them develop this powerful habit too. All organisations need people who are motivated, hard working and, above all, willing and able to reinvent themselves as the organisation changes. An organisation’s only sustainable competitive advantage is a highly responsive, adaptable and continually learning and improving workforce. In this practice, your employees will discover how to learn continuously, how to optimise their performance and how to improve every day. This skill, more than any other, will take them to the next level of performance.

Putting it all together

In this final level we help your people integrate and implement the different practices they have learned so they gain maximum benefit from the iPerform programme. They will learn how to use the practices in combination for different challenges at work like handling stress, that involve integrating new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. This will make them more complete professionals. On their own each practice will help your people improve their performance. When you use them together they will make even more progress. They will be able to integrate the best practices in the most essential skills, and have everything they need to transform their performance.

Discover how iPerform can unlock the potential of your Employees – Call us on 01483 399001 OR