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Author & Personal Development Expert

After studying, teaching and writing about personal development for over 30 years I believe that the secret to a successful, happy and fulfilling life lies in one movie. Discover that you have everything you need to be happy now in my book The Wisdom of Groundhog Day . A Sunday Times Bestseller and #1 in the Self Help category on Amazon.


Discover the secret to Happiness in the film Groundhog Day

Make the Most of Your Day

Transform a miserable day into a great day


Improve your Life Now

Improve your Life wherever you are & whatever you’re doing

Get out of a Rut

Break free of routine and live the life you want

What’s the Wisdom of Groundhog Day?

Groundhog Day is a classic movie that offers profound wisdom about how to achieve your full potential. Discover how to stop sleepwalking through life, break free from routine and wake-up to the extraordinary gift of ordinary life. No more cruising on autopilot – make every day amazing from now on!